In Staff Onboarding Surveys

People skills are fast becoming as important as number and analytical abilities in management roles such as CFOS, so how can you tell if your employees are up to scratch?

Having a team with the ability to manage people can aid in creating a harmonious workplace. For example, certain staff issues can be nipped in the bud before becoming more serious.

People skills often come hand in hand with the ability to communicate effectively, which can help to create a connection between staff and managers. This in turn, helps employees to feel more welcome and valued.

These feelings often come across well in an employee satisfaction survey as those questioned will report feeling happy in their position.

In fact, people skills are almost as important for CFOs as good business acumen, according to recruitment agency Hays, which conducted a survey of 500 CFOs. Strategic planning and stakeholder engagement were other skills required by the position.

Supportive and effective managers can foster feelings of motivation in your staff so they are more engaged and willing to go the extra mile in your business.

A good manager should be able to match the strengths and motivations of employees with the tasks and compensations required, which can encourage them to work harder.

Asking your staff questions about how motivated they feel in an employee survey may highlight the areas you need to work on, whether it be organising a training course on communication techniques with your management staff, or improving certain processes.

This will help your business run more smoothly, decreasing staff turnover and improving morale, creating engaged and happy employees.

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