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Technology and the advent of online survey software has made questionnaires a regular occurrence in many consumers' daily lives.

Yet one trend that is manifesting in many surveys is a 'valued feedback' message to the customer. While your survey might say that you value their thoughts and ideas, many companies go no further with this, which could leave your respondents wondering exactly what happened to their feedback.

You know the worth of great responses on a customer feedback survey, but you won't get as much as you might if your clients don't think that they are really being listened to.

One way to show your customers that their time is being well spent and that you are truly taking their feedback into account and making changes and improvements to your systems from the results is to give them specific examples.

Perhaps a customer commented that your email responses were taking too long in a previous survey, so if you have implemented a new system to better manage your online client communications, let them know.

You could invite customers to take part in your latest customer service survey and include a list of outcomes from the previous ones, with actions you took to remedy any issues.

Not only will they feel more valued and wanted as clients, they will be more likely to offer up thoughtful and insightful suggestions and feedback that will be able to better streamline your company in the future.

A small change to the way you ask for feedback such as this can make for a big difference to the success of your client communication in both directions.

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