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When calculating the level of employee engagement within your workforce, you may find you can divide your staff into three separate groups: the disaffected, the agnostics and the true believers.

So, what does this mean? How does it affect your workplace?

The disaffected

Making up around 13 per cent of the overall working population, this group of employees is classified as "highly uncommitted," according to the State of Workforce Engagement staff survey.

Disaffected employees frequently put in minimal effort and as a result, often have a poor performance.

They are more likely to leave your organisation than other employees – nine times more likely to than "true believers".

The agnostics

This group of employees may be harder to spot as they generally perform all tasks asked of them. However, they are unlikely to go to great lengths.

Agnostics make up 76 per cent of the working population, and 27 per cent of this group leans more toward strong commitment. Another 20 per cent leans towards non-commitment.

This makes them an important group to target with employee surveys as their leaning may be more easily switched – see what you can do to turn agnostics into true believers.

True believers

The remainder of the population can be classified as true believers and exhibit strong commitment to their day-to-day work, their managers and the organisation as a whole.

This segment of the population is highly valuable in business. The chance that they will leave your company is half of that of the average employee.

If you spot employees offering to help others with high workloads or volunteering to take on additional jobs, you have most likely spotted the true believers.

An employee survey could still be a valuable tool for this group as you could find out what you are doing right and might be able to transfer this knowledge to improve the contentment of other employees.

So what ratio of disaffected staff Vs agnostics Vs true believers do you have in your organisation? And what can you do to help improve their engagement levels? Contact us today to enquire about our Staff Engagement Survey services.

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