In Why Feedback Matters

Companies need to seek regular feedback from their customers, considering that, by many accounts, today's consumers are more powerful and in-the-know than ever.

Are you making use of the tools available to gauge consumer sentiment and provide the customers with what they really want?

Online survey software with customer satisfaction surveys can help you find out what your 'boss'- the customer – really wants, so you can deliver.

Why the consumer is in charge

Michele Levine, chief executive officer of Roy Morgan Research, revealed some supportive findings in the institute's State of the Nation report on November 15.

It stated that the consumers are in charge as they can increasingly obtain the content they want, when and how they want it. Whether that's using a website for online shopping or streaming music and movies, it's all available at the click of a button on an iPhone, tablet or computer.

Therefore, it's essential to get to the bottom of who the consumer is, what they want (and when and how) if you want to engage them with your business.

Roy Morgan Research also stated that the concept of a 'general audience' is out-dated. These days, every audience is full of a number of niche and nuanced audiences, requiring a new level of focused and engaging content from businesses.

Furthermore, businesses also need to remain aware of the different values various users put on price, quality, delivery and other factors, noting that they can be very dissimilar.

With that in mind, it's of increasing importance that companies are aware of the huge range and scope of potential consumers and find more and better ways to get their attention.

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