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Are you struggling with participation rates in customer feedback surveys?

Seeking feedback from your customers is a great way to gain all sorts of valuable business insights.

Everything from their satisfaction with your products and services to how they see your brand in relation to others in the market – it is all there for you to discover thanks to survey software that lets you design tailored questionnaires for your customers.

Yet if there is anything you needed to remember from statistics class in school, it's that sample size is everything!

You may still receive interesting feedback if just a handful of survey invitees take the time to actually fill one out, but the more customers you can get to participate, the more representative the data will be.

Sounds like hard work, right?

When politicians really want to make an impression on an electorate, they get out on the streets and go door knocking, meeting people and asking them personally for their vote.

We say good for them!

Don't even think about doing the same to get more people to fill out your surveys – you'll barely have time to do anything else.

That's the hard way. Why not take the smart way? Many businesses find that a small incentive can make a big difference in their survey participation rates.

Smart incentives

The next question is which incentives will work for you in attracting customers to take part in your surveys?

You may want to offer a discount on your products or services, such as a gift certificate, or a promotional item or other merchandise that may appeal.

Alternatively, survey participants could be put in the draw to win a higher value prize – here you can really find something impressive to wow your customers.

Even the smallest incentive can help. Simply making it a requirement to fill out the survey before it is possible to see a summary of the results so far could boost numbers!

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