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While many businesses consider surveys a great way to gain information and insight, some may not realise the data gathered could be actionable.

So, just what can you do with the information gained from a customer service survey? Well, in certain circumstances you may be able to win back customers.

Some customers may respond with specific feedback about an event where they felt wronged.

By simply resolving this issue or making amends for any inconvenience or hardship experienced by the customer, you may be able to impress them.

Not only that, but they may be so impressed by your willingness to go the extra mile that they go on to recommend you to friends and family, which can further increase your customer base and help your company to grow.

As well as mentioning specific incidences, customers may also bring bigger problems to your attention. While these may not be as easy to remedy, making an attempt to improve on these issues can help to improve customers' perceptions about your business.

In order to reap these benefits, however, it is necessary to contact the customer and advise them of any planned changes or developments and thank them for their feedback in highlighting areas that do require improvements.

Another important factor to mention is that many customers will not give you negative feedback unless you ask for it. Around 96 per cent of customers won't tell you why they're opting out of your goods or services without you asking. 

Research also indicates that upset customers are not hesitant to share their experiences with friends and family. They tell an average 11 people their story.

So, by investing in a customer satisfaction survey or even a more targeted lapsed customer survey, you significantly increase your chances of retaining higher numbers of your existing client base … and generating higher profits as a result!

If you would like to see how a customer survey could help your business, try a free demonstration of a PeoplePulse survey.

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