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It's no secret that today's modern business world is all about convenience. From streaming important videos online to conducting business via smartphones, it's more important than ever for companies to make sure both employees and customers are able to interact quickly and efficiently. This trend carries over to surveys as well.

According to data from the first edition of GreenBook's Consumer Participation in Research report, convenience is a vital part of survey use, as evidenced by the increasing number of individuals who fill out surveys on their smartphones.

Figures from GreenBook, which based its report on millions of data points from more than 100,000 interviews in over 200 countries, show that 19 per cent of all online surveys around the world are completed on a mobile phone.

Diving deeper, it seems that 33 per cent of mobile phone survey takers were using an iOS platform, while 25 per cent were using Android. BlackBerry users brought up the rear at 12 per cent.

However, at the end of the day, most survey respondents still rely on desktop devices, with 87 per cent of individuals accessing surveys through Windows machines. Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser at 39 percent, followed by Chrome at 30 per cent and Firefox at 21 per cent.

The right survey software is essential

Whether it's a customer feedback survey or an employee satisfaction survey, having the right tools at your disposal is vital. After all, while response analysis is the endgame of any survey, the most important step is still making sure individuals can easily respond.

Whether a company is creating their own survey or engaging professionals for valuable input, the right software is key, especially in a modern world where convenience is king.

Are you engaging your employees and customers in the most effective way?

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