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When was the last time your company initiated customer satisfaction surveys to see how your consumers rate their experiences?

For many companies, it's likely high time to gauge how their consumers are feeling, especially in regards to their online buying experience.

Currently, over one in three Australians like to browse the online realm while watching television, according to a November 18 media release from Roy Morgan Research.

That means Australians are often splitting their attention between different mediums, something bound to affect purchasing behaviour, especially when advertising is considered.

In the July to September quarter, Roy Morgan found that people who use the internet while watching television are 73 per cent more likely to look up a website when triggered by something they've seen on TV.

George Pesutto, general manager of media and communications for Roy Morgan Research, said that while it may seem like browsing online would distract audiences from television advertising, the actual effect is the opposite.

"However our research shows that people who use the internet while watching TV are more likely to enjoy and respond to TV advertising compared with the average Australian, indicating that other connected devices can actually enhance or complement the viewing experience," he said.

"Many in the industry are making it more interactive by incorporating social media or other digital platforms."

To optimise this phenomenon for your own company, ensure your website is as engaging as possible. Interactivity is a must to grab the attention of somebody browsing the internet, and rich and relevant content is a must.

That way, you can harness the opportunity browsing while watching television offers.

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