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A product launch is a great opportunity to get customers excited about your brand, but ensuring salespeople perform is an imperative for success.

Recent research by sales and marketing message company Corporate Visions has revealed that many businesses are not confident that their employees are getting key messages across to consumers when launching a new product.

A survey of 400 business-to-business salespeople and marketers from around the world found that nearly 60 per cent of businesses thought less than half of their salespeople were getting product messages across to customers in the way they wanted them to.

“Product launch success is critical to a company’s success, and sales conversations are the key to making that happen in the market,” said Corporate Visions chief strategy and marketing officer Tim Riesterer in an April 30 statement.

“This quarter’s survey results reveal a critical gap where marketing and sales teams need to come together to find a way to roll out new product messaging so it gets the necessary uptake in the field.”

Closing that gap could be the difference between product launch success and failure.

Only 22 per cent of respondents said that salespeople had to demonstrate they were proficient in delivering the proper message to customers – a red flag for businesses that aren’t ensuring their staff are prepared to support big events like product launches.

One of the best ways to ensure staff get the training they require is to use a training needs analysis survey.

No longer does this need to be a case of painstakingly getting each staff member to fill out a paper survey which takes up their precious time, as online survey software makes the process quick and easy.

By regularly assessing the training needs of its workforce, businesses can ensure that their salespeople have the skills and knowledge necessary to support a product launch with quality service.

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