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Many Australian and New Zealand businesses looking to get the most out of their staff are turning to employee incentive programs.

That's because implementing a tailored incentive program can be one of the best ways of boosting productivity and building team spirit, as well as fostering a little bit of healthy competition among colleagues.

For instance, if your business has a big advertising campaign coming up, a targeted incentive program for the same period could maximise the return on your marketing investment.

Just like any business strategy however, there is always the possibility that you don't produce the intended result. One thing that can make or break any incentive program is the nature of the rewards you offer.

First off, it is important that you incentivise hard work and quality service with a reward commensurate with the efforts you expect from your staff.

No matter how amazing your workforce is, every staff member will perform their own individual cost/benefit analysis when faced with an incentive reward – is it worth the extra effort?

In addition to making sure the prize fits the task, you need to know what kind of reward will get your people excited.

The best way of course is simply to ask them. Ask each and every employee what would make them put an extra ten per cent in for the benefit of your business.

Easier said than done – who has the time to do that on a regular basis? No-one of course!

Yet with employee surveys you can sound out your staff about their incentive preferences with minimum hassle – and maximum insight gained.

Fast and easy-to-use staff survey software can not only assist in setting up effective incentive programs, they can also be indispensable in finding out why past incentive pushes did not get the results you were hoping for.

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