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A solid and coherent customer service strategy is an essential frontline defence separating your company from its competitors.

Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of those businesses that do – and don't – go that extra mile in ensuring their loyalty and providing stellar service and products time and time again.

When something does go wrong though, it's vital that any problems and issues are dealt with, and seen to be resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

In the current society where the world is at users' fingertips through the internet and other technologies, complaints and knowledge of bad service can be spread instantaneously in multiple locations.

Even though vast technological resources are available to both businesses and customers, it may appear that people value interaction where they can discuss and communicate any possible issues. 

This can vary according to demographics, with the social media medium being especially popular with the millennial generation.The visibility and ability for the spread of information can be difficult to stem a bad review or complaint, meaning that it can be very worthwhile to ensure that both your company's presence on, and response to, enquiries on this platform is closely monitored.

Another way to ensure positive experiences for your clients is through preventing issues arising in the first place. Using satisfaction questionnaires is an excellent way to identify and examine exactly what your customers are thinking.

Positive and negative feedback provides a great platform for continual evaluation of your business operations, and highlighting what you do well, as well as what needs improving, before it becomes an urgent matter.

Can your company stand to lose profits – and customers – from bad service? When was the last time you asked your client base if they are satisfied with the service your company currently provides?

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