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We all know that an engaged workforce is likely to be more loyal, productive and happy in their work – that's what practically every professional tells us.

Monitoring that engagement is an important task and one that needn't be a chore thanks to innovative and intuitive survey software that makes regular employee surveys a breeze.

One thing you may want to consider is this. If an engaged employee is more productive, does that mean that a productive employee is more engaged?

You may think that high performers are the least of your problems – they are clearly excelling in their roles, so why mess with a winning formula by trying to find out how engaged they are?

This is the wrong attitude, of course! It's just as important to gauge the satisfaction and engagement of these workers – possibly even more so than mid to low-performers.

Why is that?

A recent study of performance appraisal data at more than 200 companies by leadership development program provider Leadership IQ found that in 42 per cent of organisations, low performers were actually more engaged than high performers.

Now there's a head-scratcher. Your high performers may be the least engaged in your workforce.

There could be many reasons for this. Perhaps they thrive on a challenge yet aren't finding it in your company, or perhaps they don't feel supported or rewarded enough despite their success.

Whatever the reason, your biggest staff retention risks could be your top employees – something which should make any business leader sit up and take notice.

"For years, we've believed our best performers are also our most engaged employees and so we had little to worry about," said Leadership IQ chief executive officer Mark Murphy in an April 5 statement.

Yet this data shows that that is not necessarily the case and it is important to monitor the engagement of all staff members!

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