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Modern companies like Google create innovate solutions not only in the world of digital communications and online supremacy, but also in the more traditional sphere of human resources.

The search giant, along with many of the other profit powerhouses of the 21st century, have zoned in on just what will attract – and keep – the world's top talent.  

Offering staff perks like on-site health facilities, paid education and travel insurance for the whole family, Google has taken the 'salary with benefits' standard to a new level.

While hiring the right people is a key aspect of any business, not everyone has the resources of the world's go-to search engine.

If you are looking to find out exactly what draws skilled candidates to work for your own company, there is a very simple way to gather this information – ask them!

Engaging with your staff by conducting regular employee surveys will not only show your commitment to improving the business, but also help you to define yourself as an employer.

Here are just three ways in which an employee satisfaction survey can bring value to your business.

Targeted insight – No one knows your company better than those who are there five days a week, eight hours a day – these people will have some great ideas for improvement.

The bottom line – It is expensive to hire and train new staff – keep turnover to a minimum by conducting thorough exit interviews.

Word of mouth – With the added scope of online engagement and regular social networking, it is all but impossible to fly under the radar. Happy employees lead to positive reviews and an increase in customers.

While you may not be able to provide your staff with three meals a day like Google, you can certainly see the benefit of collecting regular feedback from your employees.

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