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If you're not currently asking for feedback from your staff, customers and candidates, how do you know that your company is heading in the right direction?

That is the essence of why you needn't think twice about investing in survey software.

After all, why would you say no to something that can let you develop and roll out customised customer and employee surveys that will provide you with important business intelligence for your management decisions?

The great benefit of survey software provided by an Australian-based company like PeoplePulse is that you can access local product and technical support.

If you have queries at any time of the day you can get an immediate response – expert advice at your fingertips.

That means you don't have to wait days at a time for emails to be returned or for your query to be acknowledged.

This is software developed for Australian and New Zealand businesses by people who understand how to optimise it for our conditions.

That means it incorporates Australian/NZ spellings, terminology and time zones, so you don't have to spend precious time adapting a standard model to local conditions – it's simply built that way.

You'll get a richer set of product features than that offered by overseas-based companies – and that includes no logo on the surveys.

They are designed to be integrated into your company's branding so they appear – and are – part of your core mission and don't look like a third-party exercise.

A locally hosted survey solution also means you also have the advantage of maximum speed and superior product up-time.

So don't delay in investing in your company's future by implementing cost-effective surveys while taking advantage of the expert advice and experience of local survey specialists.

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